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Flowsend uses the power of AI to generate post-production written content, including social media posts, show notes, newsletters, SEO tags, transcriptions, and more – all in one workflow. The platform is highly customizable and leverages years of marketing expertise and focuses on SEO integration – to maximize the reach of your podcast.

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Although not traditionally an AI tool, Riverside has implemented a plethora of AI functionality into their already robust remote podcasting and video recording software. Riverside uses AI technology to create highly accurate transcripts that can be used within their text-based editor, get automatic show notes from the recording, and even generate viral clips from your podcast episodes with their new Magic Clips feature.

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CastMagic is another AI tool that can greatly help you create supporting content for your podcast episodes. After uploading an audio file or pasting a link from your YouTube channel, CastMagic will “automagically” start generating clean transcripts, timestamped show notes, along with a multitude of additional assests you can use to promote your podcast.

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Dubb is like having an automated, easy-to-use assistant that generates marketing content for your podcast. It turns your podcast episodes into show notes, social media posts, newsletter content, transcripts, and more. This could save podcasters a ton of time and effort in post-production and promotion. Plus, it’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of each episode.

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Melville is an AI-powered tool that helps you write everything you need for your podcast episodes, from show notes to episode summaries.  What sets Melville apart is it’s ability to help you create engaging and SEO-optimized content for your podcast, which can attract more listeners and make your podcast more discoverable. On top of that, if you aren’t happy with the outputs you receive, you get unlimited revisions without any additional charges or fees.

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Swell AI

Swell AI is an AI writer for podcasters. It’s like having a personal content writer that can generate articles, summaries, social posts, and more from your podcast episodes. What’s unique about Swell AI is that you have the ability to manage multiple podcasts from a single dashboard. So whether you’re personally hosting multiple shows, or your a podcast producer or manager with several clients, Swell AI can help you or your team provide excellent content.

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Like many of the other podcast-specific tools on the list, Deciphr will generate a plethora of additional content for your podcast like show notes, blog posts, and other content. Where Deciphr takes it a step or two further is that will actually generate audiograms and short-form video for you automatically. In our honest opinion, these later features may be a little hit or miss at this point, but definitely still a useful tool worth taking a look at.

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Capsho is an AI copywriting tool created specifically for podcasters. After uploading your audio file, Capsho goes to work for you generating episode titles and descriptions, show notes for your episode, blog posts, emails, and more. Capsho is a widely trusted AI tool for podcasters when it comes to creating AI-written, podcast-specific content.

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