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AnswerThePublic is a tool that provides insights into what people are searching for online. It’s unique because it uses autocomplete data from search engines to generate a list of questions and phrases people are using around your keyword. This is a content goldmine because you can use it to come up with episode topics that you know people are interested in, or to find out what questions your audience might have about a particular topic.

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Perplexity is an AI tool powered by GPT-4 that can answer a wide range of questions. It’s like having a super-smart friend who always has the answer. For podcasters, this could be a great resource for fact-checking, researching topics, or even generating content ideas. Plus, it’s a fun way to learn something new every day.

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Feedly is an AI-powered tool that helps you keep up with the topics and trends you care about. It’s like having a personalized news feed that cuts through the noise and delivers the insights you need. For podcasters, this is a fantastic way to stay on top of industry news, track trending topics, and find inspiration for new episodes. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your audience informed and engaged.

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Aomni is an AI tool that’s all about making it easier to do extensive research. It’s like having a team of AI agents, helping you turn high-level research into step-by-step action plans… and then execute them for you! Aomni is definitely one of the more advanced AI tools you can get your hands on.

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