AI Categories & Pricing

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Minvo’s AI will automatically scan and find engaging content from your long-form videos and turn them into bite-sized clips for social media. Want to make changes to what the AI gives you? No problem, fine-tune your captions, camera framing, automatically add b-roll, and even drop in background music!

AI Studio by Capsule


This tool is a powerful AI video generator that can add captions, text, and images to your videos. It’s like having a post-production team at your fingertips, ready to enhance your videos in seconds. For podcasters, this could be a great way to add a visual element to your audio content. You could create engaging video versions of your episodes, complete with captions and relevant images, helping to attract a wider audience.

VEED.IO logo

VEED.IO is a super user-friendly online video editing tool. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to create professional-quality videos without needing a degree in film production. It’s got a bunch of cool features like auto-generated subtitles and background noise removal. For podcasters, can help you create video versions of your podcast episodes for platforms like YouTube, or use it to generate social media clips to promote your episodes with.


Nova AI

Nova A.I. is a video editing platform that’s powered by AI. It’s not just about cutting and trimming clips, it’s about creating stellar videos that truly stand out. It offers a range of tools, from subtitle generator and text to speech generator to video translator and video merger. For podcasters, especially those who also create video content, Nova A.I. can be a great tool to help you create engaging videos for your episodes, add subtitles in different languages, and even generate voiceovers. Plus, it’s all done online, so no installation is needed.

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This tool is a dream come true for podcasters. It’s an all-in-one video and podcast editing tool that’s as easy to use as a word document. But what sets it apart is its magical AI, which allows you to edit audio by editing text. For podcasters, this means you can cut out the “umms,” “ahhs,” and long pauses just by deleting the text. One of the cooler AI features of Descript is Overdub, which uses AI trained with your voice, allowing you to insert new words or correct mistakes by simply typing the new words into the transcript.

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This is a set of Adobe Premiere Pro plugins designed for video podcast and video show editors. It’s unique because it automates the editing process, from multi-camera editing to creating social clips and jump cuts. If you’re a podcaster who also creates video content, AutoPod can save you hours of editing time each week. Plus, it can help you create more engaging content by automatically identifying and cutting out the silent parts of your videos.

We just launched 6 Custom GPTs to help you with podcasting and content creation!

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