AI Podcasting Tools You Need to Know About

AI Podcasting tools surrounding a podcast mic.

The future’s here, and it’s jam-packed with AI podcasting tools that are changing the game! Whether it’s automating those pesky transcriptions or shaking up your marketing game, AI for podcasts isn’t just a fad—it’s becoming a must-have for any serious podcaster. But with so many AI podcasting tools hitting the scene, how do you know which ones are worth your time and cash? That’s exactly what we’re diving into in this all-in-one guide.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the world of AI Podcasting is super exciting, but you’ve gotta tread carefully. Not all AI tools for podcasters are created equal. While some are offering features that’ll blow your mind, others are still in the kiddie pool, lacking the depth you need for pro-level podcasting. In this blog, we’re cutting through the chatter to give you the lowdown on the AI podcasting tools that can really level up your podcast game.

So, if you’re looking to optimize your podcasting workflow with the best AI tools for podcasters, stick around!

Planning Your Podcast With AI

Planning your podcast with AI

ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT is my go-to AI podcasting tool and I use it in some way for almost every step of the podcasting process. Here are just a few ways you can use it to…

  • It serves as a reliable sounding board for brainstorming and initial drafts; an area of podcasting I’ve been known to struggle with in the past. But not any more! Now I have a collaborative partner that can help me go from a blank screen to a first draft in seconds!
  • One of the standout features is Custom Instructions (available to free and paid users!), which allows you to guide the AI’s responses more closely to fit your podcasting needs. You’re essentially given the ability to lock in some critical information about you and your podcast AS WELL AS creating a persona for ChatGPT. This allows ChatGPT to stay on track with it’s responses and how it tailors them to you.

For podcasters looking for an even more tailored experience, ChatGPT Plus offers premium features for $20/month. With faster response times and priority access to new features, it’s a step up for those serious about using AI for podcasts.

One of the most notable features in the paid model is ‘plugins,’ which extend the tool’s capabilities, and ‘advanced data analysis,’ helping you get even more specialized responses. These features make ChatGPT Plus a robust AI tool for podcasters who are keen on optimizing their content planning process.

Bard by Google: The All-in-One AI Podcasting Assistant

Bard is more than just a ChatGPT ripoff. With features like real-time information retrieval from various Google apps like Google Maps, Flights and Hotels, and the ability to interact with your Gmail, Docs, and Drive, Bard offers a comprehensive solution for podcast planning. Its ‘Google It v2’ feature allows you to double-check AI-generated responses, adding an extra layer of reliability.

Bard’s capabilities make it a strong contender in the AI podcasting tools space, especially for those who value collaboration and information accuracy.

Bing by Microsoft: The Unsung Hero in AI Podcasting

Bing offers a range of features that can be beneficial for podcasters in the realm of AI Podcasting. With its AI-powered search, Bing allows you to ask complex questions and get comprehensive answers. It also offers the ability to summarize information on a page and dive deeper into citations, all within your browser.

The new Bing app even allows you to search and chat with Bing anytime, anywhere, making it a versatile AI tool for podcasters. Plus, it’s built off of ChatGPT!

Transcriptions, Speech, and Artificial Voices: The AI Podcasting Tools Revolutionizing the Industry

AI Podcast Tools for Transcriptions and AI voices.

Transcriptions in the podcasting world used to be a real grind, but thanks to some new AI podcasting tools, that’s all changing. Tools like WhisperTranscribe and are flipping the script—literally. So let’s dive in and see how these AI tools for podcasters are shaking things up in a big way.

WhisperTranscribe: The One-Click AI Podcasting Solution

WhisperTranscribe is not just another AI transcription tool; it’s a comprehensive AI podcasting platform. From generating accurate transcripts to creating blog posts, social media content, and even newsletters from your podcast episodes, WhisperTranscribe is a versatile asset in the realm of AI for podcasts.

New users can get their first 150 minutes free. All packages are accessed with one time payment and offer unlimited content generation.

Starter Package (One time payment $4.99)

  • 150 minutes of transcription

Scale Package (One time payment $14.99)

  • 450 minutes of transcription + 50 minutes for free

Enterprise Package (One time payment $49.99)

  • 1500 minutes of transcription + 250 minutes for free

Riverside.FM: Transcriptions with 99% Accuracy

Riverside.FM’s new AI podcasting tool offers an impressive 99% accuracy rate and supports over 100 languages. And it’s entirely free to use!

If you’re looking to go beyond transcripts, Riverside’s paid plans give you an all-in-one tool for podcast recording, editing, and creating viral social media clips.

Free Version

  • 2 hours of separate audio & video tracks (one-off)
  • Unlimited single track recording and editing
  • Watermark on exported files
  • Up to 720p video quality
  • 44.1 kHz audio quality
  • Unlimited video calls

Standard Version ($15/month billed annually)

  • 5 hours of separate audio & video tracks per month
  • Everything in Free, plus:
  • No watermark on exported files
  • Up to 4K video quality
  • 48 kHz audio quality
  • Screen sharing
  • Live streaming to social media

Pro Version ($24/month billed annually)

  • 15 hours of separate audio & video tracks per month
  • Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Accept live call-ins
  • Unlimited transcriptions
  • Live chat support
  • Teleprompter

There is also a Business plan if you’re interested in a little further customizing and some additional features, but for most users, the plans listed above will work perfectly for you.

Keep an eye on Riverside because they’ve been adding more and more AI tools for podcasters to their suite of features. This is only the tip of the iceberg!

Descript: Beyond Transcriptions in AI Podcasting

Descript has evolved from a simple transcription service to a multifaceted AI podcasting tool. Its text-to-speech function allows you to generate dialogue from scripts, although limitations exist for free users.

Descript is a versatile tool that extends its capabilities beyond mere transcriptions, making it a valuable addition to any podcaster’s toolkit. And as you may know, Descript recently merged with Squadcast, making it seamless to move your recorded podcast directly into Descript to start editing!

The pricing below includes features for: transcription, editing, screen recording, templates, stock media, and captions.

Free Version

  • Transcription hours: 1 hr/ month
  • Remote recording hours: 1 hr/month
  • Watermark-free video export: 1 / month
  • Video export resolution: 720p
  • Filler word removal: “um” & “uh”
  • Overdub: 1,000 word vocabulary
  • AI Green Screen: Up to 10 min file
  • AI Eye Contact: Up to 10 min file
  • Studio Sound: Up to 10 min file
  • Stock Library: First 5 results per search

Creator Version ($12 per user/month)

  • Transcription hours: 10 hr/month/editor
  • Remote recording hours: 10 hr/month/editor
  • Watermark-free video export: Unlimited
  • Video export resolution: 4K
  • Filler word removal: “um” & “uh”
  • Overdub: 1,000 word vocabulary
  • AI Green Screen: Up to 60 min file
  • AI Eye Contact: Up to 60 min file
  • Studio Sound: Up to 60 min file
  • Stock Library: First 12 results per search

Pro Version ($24 per user/month)

  • Transcription hours: 30 hr/month/editor
  • Remote recording hours: 30 hr/month/editor
  • Watermark-free video export: Unlimited
  • Video export resolution: 4K
  • Filler word removal: 18 filler words and repeated words
  • Overdub: Unlimited
  • AI Green Screen: Unlimited
  • AI Eye Contact: Unlimited
  • Studio Sound: Unlimited
  • Stock Library: Unlimited

Once again, Descript offers an Enterprise plan if you’re looking to extend your Descript capabilities. Be sure to contact Descript if you’re interested in this package.

ElevenLabs: The Future of Artificial Voices in AI Podcasting

ElevenLabs is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with artificial voices in AI for podcasts. Their state-of-the-art technology allows podcasters to create lifelike, expressive voices that can be used in a variety of applications. For an in-depth look at how ElevenLabs can revolutionize your podcast, check out our previous blog post: AI Casey Kasem: A Case Study

Free Version

  • Speech Synthesis – No Commercial License
  • 10,000 characters per month
  • Create up to 3 custom voices
  • Create random voices using Voice Design
  • Access shared voices in the Voice Library
  • Generate compelling speech in 29 languages
  • Automatically dub your content from 57 languages into 29 languages for 2000 characters per minute using our state-of-the-art dubbing system
  • API access
  • High quality 128kbps audio outputs
  • Attribution to is required.

Starter Version ($5/month)

  • Everything in Free
  • 30,000 characters per month
  • Create up to 10 custom voices
  • Commercial License Included
  • Access to Instant Voice Cloning

Creator Version ($22/month)

  • Everything in Starter
  • 100,000 total characters per month included (~2hr of generated audio)
  • Create up to 30 custom voices
  • Access to Projects – our brand new long-form speech synthesis editor
  • Professional Voice Cloning (PVC) of your own voice
  • Additional usage-based characters at $0.30 per 1000 characters
  • 192kbps audio outputs via API

Independent Publisher Version ($99/month)

  • Everything in Creator
  • 500,000 total characters per month included (~10 hours of generated audio)
  • Create up to 160 custom voices
  • Usage analytics dashboard
  • Additional usage-based characters at $0.24 per 1000 characters
  • 44.1kHz PCM audio output via API

Growing Business Version ($330/month)

  • Everything in Independent Publisher
  • 2,000,000 total characters per month included (~40hours of generated audio)
  • Create up to 660 custom voices
  • Additional usage-based characters at $0.18 per 1000 characters

AI Audio Editing and Production Tools: Revolutionizing Podcast Creation

AI Audio Editing: AI Editing Tools for Podcasters

The audio quality of a podcast is a critical factor in retaining listeners. While traditional editing software has its merits, AI podcasting tools are quickly becoming a game-changer in this space. From automated noise reduction to AI-generated music, these tools are making podcast production more efficient and creative.

Adobe Podcast: Elevate Your Podcast Audio with AI

Adobe Podcast Enhance Speech is an AI podcasting tool that offers both free and premium features designed to elevate your podcast’s audio quality. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned podcaster, this tool has something for everyone.

Free Version

  • Enhance Speech: Improve your audio quality with AI. However, there’s no bulk processing, and you can upload one file at a time. The maximum duration is 30 minutes (up to 500 MB), with a 1-hour max per day.
  • Mic Check: An AI feature that analyzes your microphone setup, helping you optimize your recording environment.

Express Premium (30-day free trial then $9.99/month)

  • Enhance Speech: The premium version allows for bulk uploads and strength adjustments, providing a more natural sound. You can enhance up to 4 hours a day, with files up to 1 GB.
  • Mic Check: Similar to the free version, it analyzes your microphone setup with AI.
  • Design with Adobe Express Premium: Access all premium design features on, giving you more creative freedom.

Descript: The Future of Waveform-Based Editing

Yes, Descript makes the list again. If only for the sole fact that I see so many independent podcasters using this platform to edit their podcasts. Descript is a comprehensive solution for both video and podcast editing. With a variety of AI-driven features, Descript is designed to streamline the podcasting workflow and enhance content quality.

Key Features

  • Text & Waveform-based Editing: Descript’s AI technology allows you to visually identify speech patterns, pauses, and intonations, making the editing process more intuitive.
  • Automatic Transcription: Record your podcast, and Descript will automatically transcribe the audio in real-time. This feature is particularly useful for cleaning up scripted recording sessions on the fly.
  • Collaborative Editing: Share your Descript project with team members or clients, granting them access to comment or make edits, thereby enhancing the collaborative aspect of podcast production.
  • Add Words or Phrases: Descript can generate your voice speaking the words or phrases you type, adding a layer of customization to your podcast.
  • Remove Filler Words: Automatically remove filler words like “um” and “uh,” making your podcast sound more professional.
  • Titles, Subtitles, and Captions: Elevate your video podcasts by adding titles, subtitles, and captions directly within Descript.

Melobyets: AI-Generated Music for Your Podcast

Finding the perfect soundtrack for your podcast can be a time-consuming endeavor. Enter Melobytes, an AI podcasting tool that takes the guesswork out of musical selection.

Key Features

  • AI-Generated Music: Melobytes uses AI to generate music based on lyrics or images you provide. This feature allows for quick exploration of musical ideas tailored to your podcast’s theme.
  • Quick Turnaround: The AI algorithms work quickly, enabling you to experiment with various musical styles and moods in a short amount of time.

Melobytes offers a unique solution for podcasters looking to add a musical dimension to their content. While the quality can vary, it’s an excellent tool for quickly exploring musical ideas and enriching your podcast experience.

Free Version

  • Execution restrictions apply
  • Low queue priority
  • Midi file download restriction
  • App execution history

Paid Versions all have same features with different price plans:

  • 1 week for $12.90
  • 1 month for $16.90
  • 1 year for $69.90


  • Unlimited access to all current Apps for a week
  • High queue priority
  • No ads
  • App execution history
  • App execution cancellation
  • Background App execution
  • Quick feedback on app results

Marketing Tools to Amplify Your Podcast

AI Marketing Tools for Podcasters

Buzzsprout’s Cohost AI

Buzzsprout has long been a go-to solution for podcasters, offering an easy-to-use hosting service. Now, with their Cohost AI feature, they’ve revolutionized the podcast publishing workflow.

For an additional $10-$30 per month (depending on your Buzzsprout plan), Cohost AI not only transcribes your podcast episodes but also suggests five compelling titles and an episode description of approximately 230 words. It even segments your episode into chapters and assists you in placing chapter markers. This AI for podcasts is a game-changer, streamlining multiple aspects of podcast marketing.


DUBB is a comprehensive video communication platform that’s perfect for podcasters looking to diversify their content. With features like video emails, video landing pages, and video CTAs, DUBB can help you engage your audience in a more interactive way. AND it’s an excellent AI podcasting tool for those looking to expand their reach through video content.

Free Starter Version

  • Self-serve usage
  • 10GB storage / 100 SD Videos
  • Dubb logo
  • Dubb URL
  • Dubb branding
  • Mobile app
  • Chrome extension
  • Outlook / Gmail Add-On
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Basic reporting
  • Basic profile

Pro Version ($59/month or $499/year)
Everything in starter, plus:

  • Unlimited storage & HD videos
  • Custom logo, subdomain, branding
  • 10K contacts
  • Teleprompter scripts
  • Calendar integration
  • Calls-to-action
  • Playlists
  • Presets
  • Email/SMS campaigns
  • 2-way SMS messaging
  • Portfolio pages
  • Showcase pages

And More!

Pro Plus Version ($129/month or $1080/year)
Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Account manager
  • One-on-one Zoom support
  • 50K contacts
  • Video coaching
  • Automated workflows
  • Custom integrations / API access
  • Custom-built email template
  • Custom scripts
  • Bio link
  • QR codes
  • Video chat


Texo is an AI-driven tool designed to make podcast content creation fast, simple, and efficient. Once you upload an audio file, Texo begins transcribing your podcast and automatically extracts various elements like headlines, show notes, key themes, questions, quotes, social media posts, and hashtags.

You can then review, edit, and save any of the extracted content before exporting it for publishing. This AI podcasting tool offers a user-friendly dashboard that streamlines the content creation process, helping your podcasts grow.

All versions offer: project organization, quick setup with no hidden fees, and knowledge base support.

Free Version

  • Uploads: 1 per month
  • Additional AI Q&A: 5 per episode

Standard Version

  • Uploads: 5 per month
  • Additional AI Q&A: 10 per episode

Pro Version

  • Uploads: 10 per month
  • Additional AI Q&A: 20 per episode
  • Email Support

Business Version

  • Uploads: 20 per month
  • Additional AI Q&A: 50 per episode
  • Email Support


Capsho is an AI copywriting software designed specifically for podcasters. It offers a range of features including title and description generation, social media captions, emails, and even blog posts. This AI podcasting tool can significantly reduce the time you spend on content creation and marketing, allowing you to focus more on what you love—podcasting.

Free Version (14-day trial with 2 credits)

Content Domination Version ($79/month with 5 credits)

Content Domination plus SEO Boost Version ($129/month for 5 credits plus SEO Boost)


Podsqueeze is an AI-powered podcast content generator that offers a variety of features such as automated show notes, timestamps, and newsletters. It can even extract quotes and keywords from your podcast content and provide title suggestions.

This AI tool for podcasters is excellent for those looking to streamline their podcast promotion and content creation.

Free Version

  • 50 mins of podcast time per month
  • 1 video clip (with podsqueeze logo)
  • Generate content from RSS Feed
  • Save generated content forever

Starter Version ($15/month)

  • 160 mins of podcast time per month
  • 5 video clips (with podsqueeze logo)
  • Generate content from RSS Feed
  • Upload local audio or video files
  • Save generated content forever

Pro Version ($29/month)

  • 320 mins of podcast time per month
  • 10 video clips
  • Generate content from RSS Feed
  • Upload local audio or video files
  • Save generated content forever

AI Art Tools for Podcasters

AI Art Tools for podcasters

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a text-to-image generative AI model that offers a unique approach to creating art. Unlike other platforms, Firefly has been trained using Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and public domain content, ensuring ethical and commercially safe results. Adobe is committed to countering biases and has built Firefly with an AI Ethics framework. This makes it a socially responsible choice for podcasters looking to incorporate AI-generated art into their content.

How Podcasters Can Use Adobe Firefly

  • Create unique cover art for episodes
  • Generate visual content for social media promotion
  • Develop branded merchandise designs


  • Free Option: Get started with 25 monthly generative credits
  • Paid Option: For $4.99/mo, get 100 monthly generative credits, Adobe Fonts, and no watermarks on images generated by Firefly.


Midjourney is a generative AI model that excels in creating photorealistic portraits. It offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to specify details like lighting, tone, and style.

How Podcasters Can Use Midjourney

  • Create realistic avatars for virtual interviews
  • Develop promotional materials featuring AI-generated characters
  • Generate artwork for episode themes


Basic Plan: $10/month or $96/year ($8/month)

  • 3.3 hours of Fast GPU Time per month

Standard Plan: $30/month or $288/year ($24/month)

  • 15 hours of Fast GPU Time and unlimited Relax GPU Time

Pro Plan: $60/month or $576/year ($48/month)

  • 30 hours of Fast GPU Time and unlimited Relax GPU Time

Mega Plan: $120/month or $1152/year ($96/month)

  • 60 hours of Fast GPU Time and unlimited Relax GPU Time

Other Notable AI Art Tools

  • Artbreeder: Known for its user-friendly interface and community-driven approach.
  • Runway: Offers a wide range of machine learning models for creative projects.
  • DeepArt: Turns your photos into artworks based on different styles.
  • DALL-E 3: OpenAI’s upcoming generative AI model, expected to offer advanced capabilities in creating highly detailed and customizable images. The most exciting part? It’s integrated into ChatGPT! More info about Dall-E 3.

Conclusion: The Future of AI Podcasting Tools

The AI podcasting game is changing fast, giving us a ton of cool tools to up our podcasting game. Whether it’s transcription services like WhisperTranscribe and Riverside.FM or audio editing magic from Adobe Podcast Enhance Speech and Descript, the options are pretty much endless.

But let’s not get carried away. While these AI tools are super powerful, they’ve got their limits. For example, AI-generated art from Adobe Firefly and Midjourney can add some serious flair to your podcast branding, but don’t think it can fully replace good ol’ human creativity and skill. And that goes for text generating AI as well. Remember to always proofread the output and and your own voice and insights to it.

It goes without saying, staying on top of the latest AI tools is a must if you wanna keep your podcast game strong. Take some time to really dig into what each tool can and can’t do, so you make choices that actually work for you.

Ready to take your podcasting to the next level with AI?

Then you should definitely check out the NextGen Podcaster community. We’ve got bi-monthly training, branding hacks, and a bunch of AI resources you won’t find anywhere else. So come on, join the community and let’s elevate your podcasting game together!

And hey, if you want even more AI podcasting tools don’t forget to check out our FREE Top 100+ AI Tools for Podcasters guide.

Talk soon!


The content on this article is the product of a collaboration between our dedicated team and artificial intelligence. While we harness the power of AI to assist in our writing and research process, it’s important to note that we do not solely rely on it. We take pride in the fact that every article is meticulously researched, tested, or edited based on our own hands-on experiences. We take the utmost care to ensure that our content is authentic, accurate, and reflective of our extensive knowledge.



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