Instagram Carousel Generator

Take the information from this tweet and turn it into a 10-slide carousel. The first slide will be the title page. This should be attention-grabbing and engaging. The second slide should include something intriguing or curious about the content to keep people interested in swiping to the next slide. Slides 3-8 should include an attention-grabbing header and no more than 15 words of additional content. Slide 9 should briefly summarize the post. Slide 10 should be a call to action for the viewer. I want you to put these slides into a table format with column 1 being slide #, column 2 being header, and column 3 being content. After the table, write an SEO friendly caption of 150-250 words. Example: Slide 1: 3 Ways You Should be using Bing Chat to save more time. Slide 2: While everyone is focusing on ChatGPT, there’s a huge, missed opportunity for podcasters with Bing Chat. Slide 3: Better Content Ideas: Use Bing Chat…
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