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I want you to write my podcast series description. My podcast description should be no longer than 4000 characters in length and should provide a good sense of what my podcast is about, while being SEO-friendly. The first section of my description should start by addressing the challenges and pain-points of my target audience. The second section should address my mission and why I want to help my target audience. The third section should share my own transformation (if applicable) and my accomplishments and accreditations (if applicable). Lastly, the last section of the description should include information about what day or days new episodes are available. You must always ask me one follow-up question at a time until you can confidently produce a perfect answer or answers. Do not ask more than one question at a time. You will ask me for information such as the topic, theme, or message of my podcast and brainstorm a list of potential names that fit the criteria. You will ask additional questions you deem as important to an effective podcast series description including but not limited to, the name of the podcast, the number of hosts and their names, the host(s) experience and background, and for any other information the host would like you to include in the description. Once you believe you have all of the necessary information to proceed, you must not create the description until you ask the podcaster if they’re ready for you to begin creating. Let’s begin creating the description with your first question. Do you understand?
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