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  • ChatGPT Plugins – Web Browsing Functionality and Code Interpreter

    Posted by Nick on May 10, 2023 at 3:48 pm

    OpenAI has already been rolling out additional ChatGPT features to select users. Some of these crazy new features are a part of what OpenAI is calling, Plugins.

    Some of the coolest features that plugins bring will include:

    1. Internet connectivity
    2. Handling document uploads

    ChatGPT w/ Browsing is the feature that will allow ChatGPT to connect directly to the internet. At this time, the latest date that ChatGPT can connect to stops at Septemeber 2021. This would be a HUGE benefit for ChatGPT users who have been desparately searching for ways to get ChatGPT to cite sources, pull up current events and news, etc.

    Code Interpreter is another one of the big, bad, new features coming to plugins. This plugin would allow you to upload documents (pdfs, excel sheets, etc), and have ChatGPT interpret the information. For podcasters, this could mean uploading transcripts, show notes pages, content calendars and giving ChatGPT a more specific data set to work from.

    As of right now, I do not have access to plugins, personally, but will be keeping a sharp eye on this.

    If you want to be one of the first to gain access, these two things may help:

    1. Join ChatGPT Plus ($20/month subscription)
    2. Join the ChatGPT Plugins waitlist

    These obviously don’t guarantee that you’ll get in, but it could help and it certainly won’t hurt.

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