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  • Gemini 1.5 Announced

    Posted by Nick on February 16, 2024 at 1:21 pm

    I know we JUST wrapped up discussion on the new Gemini Advanced tools in our most recent live session (Feb 15th), and as quickly as we finished up that call, Google made another big announcement…

    The Release of Gemini 1.5

    One of the most impressive things to note about Gemini 1.5 is the context window of this AI. Gemini 1.5 is said to have a 1 million token limit and context window.

    For comparison, GPT-4 maxes out at 128k tokens.

    What does that mean in human language?

    This means that Gemini 1.5 would be capable of processing:

    • 1 hour of video content
    • 11 hours of audio
    • 30,000 lines of code
    • 700,000 words

    Ultimately, this translates to Gemini being able to better understand context of your conversations for A LOT longer than previously possible with any other AI tool.

    As of right now, Gemini 1.5 is only available as a preview to developers and enterprise customers, but I’ll be sure to update you as I learn more.

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