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  • Google to deploy generative AI to create sophisticated ad campaigns

    Posted by Marc on April 20, 2023 at 9:21 pm

    Google is set to incorporate generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its advertising sector in the coming months, joining the race among major tech companies to integrate this advanced technology into their products. The Alphabet-owned company will leverage AI to generate innovative advertisements using materials provided by human marketers.

    This development may have interesting implications for the podcasting industry. The integration of generative AI could lead to the creation of highly-targeted and engaging ads for podcast listeners, potentially improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and driving revenue growth for podcast creators.

    Titled “AI-powered ads 2023,” Google’s internal presentation to advertisers showcased the potential of generative AI in unlocking a world of creativity. While AI has already been used to create simple prompts in advertising, Google’s latest generative AI, which also powers the Bard chatbot, can produce more complex and sophisticated campaigns, similar to those designed by marketing agencies.

    Advertisers can provide creative content such as imagery, video, and text related to a campaign, and the AI will “remix” these materials to generate ads tailored to specific audiences and goals, like sales targets. However, concerns have been raised about the possibility of the AI-generated content spreading misinformation, as AI chatbots may confidently assert falsehoods.

    To address this issue, Google plans to implement strict safeguards, called “hallucinations,” when launching its new generative AI features. This technology will be incorporated into Performance Max, a program that uses algorithms to determine ad placements and marketing budget allocation, as well as producing basic ad copy.

    As advertising revenue experiences headwinds due to cost control and data usage restrictions, the implementation of generative AI in advertising may provide a competitive edge. Social media giants like Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, are also exploring the use of generative AI in their ad systems, as seen with the introduction of Advantage+ last year.

    In conclusion, the integration of generative AI in advertising could lead to more personalized and engaging ads for podcast listeners, possibly increasing ad effectiveness and revenue for podcast creators. It will be crucial, however, for companies like Google to address the potential pitfalls, such as the spread of misinformation, before fully embracing this technology.

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