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  • Jon

    November 20, 2023 at 4:11 am

    So the bot said I have some areas of redundancy and suggested I trim some of the conversation. Cool. I asked it to identify those areas. ( I already knew there were going to be redundancies and approx where) It identified what I already knew of AND more detail then expected!

    Heres the example:


    You: Can you identify redundancies using time stamps for reference?

    Podcast Episode Evaluator by NextGen Podcaster:

    After reviewing the transcript of your podcast episode, I’ve identified a few segments that could be considered for editing to tighten up the conversation and maintain focus. Here are some suggestions with timestamps for reference:

    1. Prolonged Background Discussion (Starting around [00:02:40] to [00:07:00]): Sara’s career background is important, but the discussion could be condensed to maintain the episode’s pace. Consider trimming parts of this section that repeat or don’t add new information.

    2. Tangential Conversations (Various points, e.g., [00:17:20] to [00:19:10]): While tangents can add a personal touch, some parts may distract from the main topic. You might consider editing out segments where the conversation veers significantly off topic.

    3. Repetitive Themes (Around [00:33:10] to [00:34:00] and [00:47:40] to [00:48:20]): Sara revisits the theme of being a ‘misfit’ and her corporate experiences. If these points have been adequately covered earlier, consider trimming for brevity.

    4. Overly Detailed Descriptions (e.g., [00:37:00] to [00:40:10]): Sara’s travel experiences and views on ancient civilizations are intriguing, but the detail level might be higher than necessary for the episode’s focus. Consider shortening these parts to keep the conversation more streamlined.

    5. Long-winded Explanations ([00:42:00] to [00:45:00]): The discussion about the city of Iquitos is interesting but lengthy. Tightening this section could help maintain listener engagement.

    Remember, while editing, the goal is to preserve the essence of the conversation and the personalities of the speakers. It’s about striking a balance between maintaining the natural flow of dialogue and keeping the content focused and engaging for the audience. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that any edits do not alter the meaning or context of what the speakers are saying.

    • Nick

      November 20, 2023 at 10:50 am

      That is an awesome use of the Podcast Evaluator!

      I remember when I was doing my show consistently, I would almost feel bad cutting content from the episode (even when I knew it needed to be trimmed down). I love this use for it!

      Thanks for sharing this dude!

    • Marc

      November 20, 2023 at 7:41 pm

      I love that you took it a step further AND that it responded as well as it did! So appreciate the feedback and use case, Jon! Keep ’em coming!

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