Gemini Advanced AI: Supercharge Your Work, Learning, and Creativity

A photorealistic close-up of an antique keyhole illuminated by a burst of blue light, revealing a glimpse of a circuit board inside. This image symbolizes the potential unlocked by Gemini Advanced AI, a powerful new language model.

After much anticipation, Gemini, the powerful AI language model from Google, has officially leveled up!

Gemini Advanced is the latest update to Google’s most powerful AI model, formally known as Bard. RIP Bard name. No one will miss you.

But the name isn’t all that’s changed with the Google LLM. With enhanced capabilities and cutting-edge features fueled by Google’s Ultra 1.0 model, Gemini Advanced is poised to transform the way you work, learn, and create.

So let’s take a look at what this new Gemini Advanced can do!

What is Gemini Advanced AI?

Think of Gemini Advanced as a supercharged version of what Bard used to be, that builds upon the strengths of the original model. At its core, Gemini Advanced is a premium subscription service that gives you access to Google’s most capable AI yet – the Ultra 1.0 model.

The standard version of Gemini currently runs on Gemini Pro. If you’d like to learn more about each of the three Gemini models, I recommend taking a look at this page from Google DeepMind.

This advanced model delivers more sophisticated responses, better reasoning abilities, and enhanced collaboration on intricate tasks. Whether you’re a coding whiz, a seasoned writer, or just someone who loves harnessing the power of AI, Gemini Advanced has something to offer.

Brining Gemini Advanced AI to Your Phone

Now, not only will you be seeing an improvement to Google’s AI model on the web, but an official Gemini App that can take over as your Google Assistant on your Android phone.

The Gemini app brings all the same functionality that you come to expect on the web-based version, but now has the ability to connect to all the same functions that Google Assistant has to offer.

Note: There is currently no dedicated Gemini app for IOS users. Sorry iPhone people! However, you can still access Gemini through the Google app on your phone by toggling Gemini On, above the search bar.

Screenshot of an iPhone on the Google App. User is accessing Gemini by switching on the Gemini Advanced AI toggle at the top of the screen.

Key Features of Gemini Advanced AI

Let’s take a look at some of the standout features that come with this new supercharged subscription:

Advanced Coding Assistance

Whether you’re a rookie programmer or a seasoned expert, Gemini Advanced has seen a big jump in coding capabilities. Coding improvements include:

  • Quickly generating code snippets in multiple languages
  • Explaining complex algorithms
  • Debugging your code and suggest fixes to optimize performance

Enhanced Understanding of Complex Instructions

Sometimes, getting your AI assistant to execute specific tasks can be like talking to a brick wall. This definitely seemed to be the case with the previous versions of Bard.

With Gemini Advanced, your instructions and requests are met with greater precision. In theory, it can follow multifaceted directions, grasp complicated concepts, and provide tailored, comprehensive responses.

I’ve been digging deep into various use-cases of Gemini Advanced and plan to share findings based on my own experience with it, so be sure to check back for that update!

In-depth Logical Reasoning

Gemini Advanced is said to have an enhanced ability to problem-solve. It can analyze data, spot patterns, and draw reasoned conclusions. This becomes immensely helpful in tasks like research, critical analysis, and making informed decisions.

My experience with Gemini Advanced AI for research has been limited up to this point. However, I will say the little bit of research that I’ve done while using Gemini Advanced has been iffy at best. I turned to Gemini in several instances where I would normally do a typical Google search and the responses tend to be more inaccurate than accurate.

This is bit confusing to me seeing that it’s all still coming from the same place, Google, but I will be giving my full synopsis within the next week or two.

Greater Collaboration on Creative Tasks

Need a second opinion on a poem? Stuck coming up with marketing slogans? Gemini Advanced can be a fantastic brainstorming partner.

It can offer ideas, provide feedback, and add layers of creativity to your projects. From generating original content to refining your concepts, Gemini Advanced can be the fuel you need to fire up some inspiration.

Benefits of Subscribing to Gemini Advanced AI

That’s enough about features. But what about benefits?

How can Gemini Advanced benefit you, the user?

Professionals and Businesses

  • Accelerated Workflows: Automate repetitive tasks, streamline research, and get quick summaries of complex information, allowing you to focus on innovation and strategy.
  • High-Quality Content: Generate polished drafts, marketing materials, and reports – saving time and ensuring consistent messaging.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Get AI-powered insights from a wealth of information to make informed, data-backed choices.
  • Google Workspace Integration: This is one isn’t new, but still worth noting. One of the standout benefits of Gemini is it’s ability to connect and interact with other Google apps and tools you’re already using.

Students and Researchers

  • Improved Problem-Solving: Break down complex concepts, get clear explanations, and solve problems creatively with Gemini Advanced’s guidance.
  • Polished Writing: Receive feedback on writing style, grammar, and structure, leading to clearer and more compelling work.
  • Efficient Research: Summarize large volumes of information and analyze research papers with AI assistance. With Gemini’s YouTube extension, you can even summarize and communicate with videos found on YouTube.

Hobbyists and Creatives

  • Fueling Your Passion: Spark your creativity with brainstorming sessions, new ideas, and fresh perspectives on your projects.
  • Explore New Formats: Expand your content horizons by getting help writing scripts, song lyrics, or even short stories.
  • Refine Your Ideas: Receive constructive feedback to push the boundaries of your creative projects.

How to Get Gemini Advanced AI

Upgrading to Gemini Advanced is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to get started using Gemini Advanced AI:

Visit the Google One Website

Go to the official Google One website.

Explore Subscription Plans

Select the “Plans” or “Membership plans” section to view the available options. Look for the “Google One AI Premium” plan that includes Gemini Advanced AI.

Visual of Google One plans including the AI Premium plan that includes Gemini Advanced AI for $19.99 per month

Start Your Subscription

Click on the “Upgrade” or “Subscribe” button associated with the Google One AI Premium plan. Choose your preferred billing cycle (monthly or annually).

Follow Payment Prompts

Enter your payment information or confirm your existing Google account payment details. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the subscription process.

Access Gemini Advanced AI

Once your subscription is active, you should be able to access Gemini Advanced directly through the Gemini interface or wherever Gemini is integrated with Google products.

Dropdown on on Google Gemini for selecting between Gemini (standard) and Google's Gemini Advanced AI

Important Note: Gemini Advanced AI may have a free trial period. I was offered 2 free months before the $19.99/month charges start kicking in. Be sure to check the Google One website for the most up-to-date information on trials and introductory offers.


Gemini Advanced is set to level up what Google is currently building in the AI space. Whether you want to boost productivity, enhance your learning, or unleash your creativity, this subscription service puts cutting-edge AI capabilities at your fingertips. With its complex reasoning, advanced collaboration, and tailored assistance, Gemini Advanced may be that indispensable AI companion you’ve been looking for.

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