How to Generate a YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

How to Generate a YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

In the vast ocean of digital content, content creators are constantly seeking ways to stand out, maximize the value of their work, and reach a wider audience. One effective method to achieve this is by learning from other content creators and experts. The internet, and YouTube in particular, is a treasure trove of free advice and information. However, the sheer volume of content available can be overwhelming. There’s so much to learn and absorb, but there’s only so much time in a day.

This is where tools like ChatGPT come in. ChatGPT can help us navigate this sea of information, distilling the essence of lengthy videos into concise summaries. This not only saves time but also allows us to absorb key insights more effectively. Furthermore, these summaries can be repurposed and tailored to our own messaging and voice, providing additional value.

Why Generate a YouTube Summary with ChatGPT?

  1. SEO and Discoverability: Summaries can be rich in keywords related to your content, making your videos more discoverable on search engines. For instance, if you have a cooking channel, a summary of a recipe video could include keywords like “easy pasta recipe,” “homemade Italian cuisine,” or “quick dinner ideas,” which can help your video appear in relevant search results.
  2. Accessibility: Summaries can help those with hearing impairments understand your content further. They can also assist non-native speakers in comprehending your content, as they can read at their own pace or use translation tools if necessary.
  3. Content Repurposing: Summaries can be used as the basis for your YouTube video descriptions, blogs, social media posts, newsletters, and more, allowing you to reach audiences on different platforms. For example, a summary of a video on “10 Tips for Healthy Living” could be turned into an Instagram carousel post, a LinkedIn article, or a series of Tweets or Threads.
  4. Time Management: For your audience, summaries provide a quick way to understand the content of a video without watching the entire thing. This is particularly useful for longer videos or educational content where the key points can be distilled into a summary.
  5. Engagement: Summaries can be used to pique the interest of potential viewers. By providing a concise overview of the video, you can entice viewers who are skimming through to watch the full video.
  6. Review and Recall: For educational content, summaries can serve as a quick review or refresher of the material covered in the video. This can enhance learning and recall for your audience.

How You Can Generate a YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

Manually Summarize Your YouTube Videos with ChatGPT

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a ChatGPT Plus account, you can still use ChatGPT 3.5 (the free version) to summarize your YouTube videos. Here’s how:

  1. Obtain the YouTube Transcript:
    Go to the YouTube video, click on the three dots below the video and select Show Transcript.
    Saving a transcript from YouTube
    This will open a panel on the right side of the video with the transcript. If you don’t want the timecodes included, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the transcript panel and uncheck to remove them.
    YouTube Transcript with menu for toggling timecodes on and off
    Then, select all the text (Ctrl+A or Command+A), and copy it (Ctrl+C or Command+C).
  2. Generate the Summary: Open ChatGPT in a new browser tab. Paste the transcript into the chat box (Ctrl+V or Command+V). Ask the AI to summarize the text.
    For example, you could say, “Can you summarize this transcript for me?”
    The AI will analyze the text and generate a concise summary of the video content.

This follows a very similar process to summarizing podcast transcripts.

Using the Code Interpreter (ChatGPT Plus) to Summarize YouTube Videos

If you have a ChatGPT Plus account, you can use the Code Interpreter feature to generate a summary from a transcript of your YouTube video. Here’s how:

  1. Obtain the Transcript: Follow the same steps as above to obtain the transcript of your YouTube video. This time, paste the transcript into a Word doc or TXT file and save it somewhere you’ll remember. If you have the native video file, you can also use Riverside’s free transcription tool.
  2. Activate the Code Interpreter: Log into your ChatGPT Plus account. Go to the “GPT-4” tab at the top of the chat box and select “Code Interpreter”.
    Selecting ChatGPT's code interpreter to generate a YouTube Summary with ChatGPT
    If you don’t see “Code Interpreter” as an option, go to your ChatGPT settings. Navigate to the ‘Beta Features’ section and toggle on the Code Interpreter.
  3. Use the Code Interpreter: Once the Code Interpreter is activated, press the plus button on the left side of your text box. Upload your Word doc or TXT file. Then type, “Summarize this YouTube transcript”.
    Prompting code interpreter to generate a YouTube summary with ChatGPT
    Press the “Send” button in the text box. The AI will analyze the text and generate a concise summary of the video content.

Using the WebPilot Plugin (ChatGPT Plus) to Summarize YouTube Videos

The WebPilot plugin is another tool available to ChatGPT Plus users that can help automatically generate summaries from YouTube videos. Please note that there are several plugins similar to WebPilot. We’re sharing this plugin as the example because we’ve had success using it this way.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access the WebPilot Plugin: Log into your ChatGPT Plus account. Go to the “Plugins” tab at the top of the chat box. This will open the Plugin Store. In the search, type “WebPilot” and click on it. If you haven’t already installed the plugin, click on the “Install” button.
    Turning on the webpilot plugin in ChatGPT
    Once installed, the plugin will be available in your plugins list. Make sure to check it off to activate it.
  2. Provide the URL and Prompt: In the ChatGPT input field, enter prompt for the AI, such as “Provide a detailed summary of this YouTube video,” followed by the URL of your YouTube video.
    Generating a YouTube Summary from a link with ChatGPT and the Webpilot Plugin
  3. Generate the Summary: Press the “Send” button and the plugin will visit the YouTube page, extract the video’s transcript, and generate a summary based on your prompt. You can then copy this summary and use it as needed.

Not a ‘Plus’ Member? Here’s How to Get Started

ChatGPT Plus can do a lot more than just automate things like YouTube summaries with ChatGPT. Code Interpreter can summarize, analyze, and extract all kind of data for you, but you’ll need the advanced ChatGPT features to do this. The subscription is $20/month and very simple to get started:

  • Open ChatGPT (
  • Select the “Upgrade to Plus” button in the bottom left corner of the page
  • Click the “Upgrade Plan” button
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Enter your payment details, such as your credit card information
  • Complete the subscription process

By leveraging ChatGPT and its add-ons, you can make your content more accessible, improve your SEO, and reach a wider audience. Happy content creating!




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