New Google Bard Update | Connect Bard to Google Workspace

Latest Google Bard AI Update connects Bard to Google Workspace

Google Bard landed on the scene in March of 2023. But what’s happened since then?

Well, a lot actually.

And more recently (as of September 19th, 2023), Bard has seen one of it’s most useful improvements to-date.

Let’s dive into some of them!

Google Bard AI’s Most Capable Model To-Date

With the latest update, and thanks to user feedback, Bard is as powerful and accurate as it’s ever been. That’s not to say that it’s flawless and still won’t make mistakes, but it’s gotten a lot better.

Bard is now available in 40+ languages and over 230 countries around the world.

This just means more access to people around the world, more feedback, and even more improvements coming in the future. And with Google Gemini (Google’s own “GPT-4 competitor”) nearing closer to a release, this seems like pretty good timing.

Google Bard Gets Access to Apps

Similar to ChatGPT Plugins, Google’s AI, Bard, is now connected to multiple apps as of the latest update.

Google Flights, Google Hotels, and Google Maps Extensions for Google Bard.

Google Workspace and YouTube Extensions for Google Bard.

The big difference here between OpenAI’s Plugins and Google’s Apps, is that Google is connecting only to it’s own apps as of right now. With ChatGPT, there are dozens of third party plugins available and integrated into ChatGPT.

At the time of writing this article, Google Bard can connect to YouTube, Google Maps, Google Hotels, and Google Flights. All you have to do is tell Bard that you’re “planning a trip to”, “looking for videos about…”, “wanting to find hotels in…”, you get the idea.

Google Bard YouTube Extension Example

From there, Google Bard AI will activate and utilize the appropriate apps to find you the best information to your question or search.

The final, and most exciting addition to Google Bard’s Extensions is Google Workspace. And I’ll cover that in the next section.

Google Bard’s Biggest Advantage Over ChatGPT

The biggest disadvantage to AI platforms like ChatGPT is the lack of integration into other applications. Yes, we have plugins, which brings some of that connection into the picture, but it’s not a true integration. And to be fair Microsoft has been implementing AI into the Microsoft Office suite, but I’ve personally seen very little movement or progress on this front for the average consumer.

This could be where Google wins over millions when it comes to the AI arms race.

With Google Bard AI’s addition of Extensions, Bard can now connect into Google Workspace Apps. Right now, this includes:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive

This means you can interact with, and essentially have conversations with, information across other Google applications that you’re using.


In the few tests that I’ve been able to run since the update was released, Bard AI has been able to find and summarize emails for me in my Gmail account, find and summarize Docs that I have hidden away in my Google Drive, and pull supporting information for other brand-related information that I have in Drive.

Google Workspace Extension Example in Bard AI

So far, I have not found any AI platform that can seamlessly integrate across platforms like that!

Wrapping Up

If you aren’t already signed up for Google Workspace Labs, or haven’t yet started playing with Google’s AI offering, I strongly suggest you give it a look.

With Google Bard introducing Extensions, I truly feel this could be something that sets them apart from OpenAI’s ChatGPT and many of the other generative AI platforms emerging on the scene.

And if you want to learn more about how to use AI like Google Bard, ChatGPT, or many of the other impressive AI creation tools out there, consider joining NextGen Podcaster for 1-month free. We hold bi-monthly mastermind and training sessions to help you better understand how to implement and start using AI to make you a better podcaster, content creator, and business owner.

We look forward to seeing you inside!



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