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Although not traditionally an AI tool, Riverside has implemented a plethora of AI functionality into their already robust remote podcasting and video recording software. Riverside uses AI technology to create highly accurate transcripts that can be used within their text-based editor, get automatic show notes from the recording, and even generate viral clips from your podcast episodes with their new Magic Clips feature.


Elai. – a platform which allows you to create a video with AI avatars from text and also allows you to create a custom avatar and voice cloning. Using this tool podcasters can create promo videos and teasers for podcasts, use voice cloning and publish podcasts in a different language or even create a custom avatar.


Neuron Writer

NeuronWriter helps you optimize your website content so Google will adore it. Use this AI to write your content for you, get NLP recommendations, and utilize NeuronWriters task management tools to help prioritize your publishing schedule. What’s interesting about this tool is that it’s able to understand user intent, so even though you’re writing to impress Google, your content is still valuable to the humans who are reading it.

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Elementor Pro AI

Write, code, integrate with Elementor Pro’s AI tool. Create original text with AI, and enhance or translate existing content directly within Elementor’s Editor. Use Elementor AI’s Code Assistant to create Custom Code, CSS, and HTML snippets, without having to write a single line yourself. Accelerate your productivity and instantly generate spot-on content and code without having to switch between different tools.

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Browse AI is a platform that allows users to extract and monitor data from any website without coding. It’s unique in its ability to train a robot in just 2 minutes to perform tasks like data extraction, monitoring for changes, and setting up prebuilt robots for popular use cases. For podcasters, Browse AI can be a powerful tool for research. You can use it to monitor websites for updates on topics you cover in your podcast, extract data for analysis, and even set up custom alerts for specific changes. This can save you a lot of time and ensure you always have the most up-to-date information for your episodes.

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Morise AI is a tool trained on the best performing content on YouTube. Their big, bold claim, “You make the videos, AI will make them go viral.” With Morise, you can generate new video ideas, attractive and effective titles and descriptions for your YouTube videos, and it will even help you come up with content to post to your community tab that will generate more engagement. With podcasting becoming more prevalent in video, Morise AI might be exactly what you need to create a viral YouTube hit.

Recontent AI


ReContent is an AI tool that helps you repurpose your content into social media posts for Twitter and LinkedIn. It uses AI to generate posts based on your content, and it provides an interactive editor for further tweaking. ReContent gives you the ability to stretch your long-form content further, without spending all the time and hassle to do it yourself.

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BHuman is an AI tool that helps you create personalized videos at scale. It allows you to record a template video and then generate personalized versions for each recipient. What’s unique about BHuman is its ability to create videos that look as if you recorded them one by one, providing a personalized experience for each viewer. For podcasters, BHuman can be a valuable tool for engaging with your audience. You can use it to create personalized video messages for your listeners, helping you build stronger relationships with your audience. Plus, by providing a personalized experience, you can make your listeners feel valued and appreciated.

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Content Fries

ContentFries is a tool that helps you repurpose your content across multiple platforms. It allows you to take a single piece of content and transform it into multiple formats, like social media posts, blog articles, and more. What sets ContentFries apart is its ability to handle a wide range of content types and its focus on maximizing the reach of your content. You can use it to repurpose your podcast episodes into blog articles, social media posts, and more, helping you reach a wider audience. Plus, by repurposing your content, you can get more value out of each podcast episode and save time on content creation.

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Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that provides keyword insights directly in your search results. It shows you data like search volume, cost per click, and competition level for any keyword you search for. What’s unique about Keywords Everywhere is that it integrates seamlessly with your browsing experience, providing insights as you search. You can use it to find popular keywords related to your podcast topics, helping you optimize your show notes and website content for search engines. This can help you attract more listeners and grow your audience.

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