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The AI Briefing Podcast | News & Updates for Creators and Professionals

This week on The AI Briefing, we dive into the latest developments in the world of artificial intelligence, featuring news from Apple, OpenAI, and Google.

Apple is in discussions with several AI giants to enhance iOS 18 with cutting-edge AI features, aiming to revolutionize the user experience while maintaining its commitment to privacy.

Meanwhile, the tech community buzzes with anticipation over the rumored release of GPT-5, expected to bring unprecedented advancements in AI capabilities.

Lastly, Google’s VLOGGER, an AI model capable of generating realistic talking head videos from a single still image, showcases the potential for new forms of content creation and the importance of ethical considerations in AI development.

Join Mick, your AI host, as he explores these exciting advancements, offering insights into how they might shape our digital future.

Learn more about the highly anticipated GPT-5: –>

Learn more about Google’s VLOGGER AI tool: –>

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