Transcription-Based Content Strategy: Your New Best Friend

Gian pen in the middle of the screen mean to represent a transcription tool. This pen is bursting with different icons and colors to show the various types of media you can create from a transcript.

There’s a secret weapon out there that not many creators are talking about: Transcripts.

A transcript used to be just a written copy of what someone said. But now, it’s turning into something much more useful for content creators.

In this post, we’ll explore how this simple asset is helping creators make more and different kinds of content, from just one piece of writing, one video, or one podcast episode.

The AI Revolution in Content Creation

Unless you’ve been completely isolated from the outside world, you know that AI has become all anyone is talking about. I mean, you’re on a website reading a blog from a company that was birthed out of this AI boom and everything that has come from it.

And everything that has come about in the past year has been primarily driven from text:

Text-to-Text, Text-to-Image, Text-to-Video.

If you want to create something, all you have to do is input some text and AI will magically make it happen for you. But this only works if you have strong, effective prompts.

That’s why so many companies, including ourselves, have created guides to creating prompts. The more effective and detailed your prompt, the better results you’ll get.

This becomes a HUGE advantage for content creators who are already creating their own content.

From the content that you’re making, comes one of your new best friends: The Transcript.

Transcription: A Multipurpose Tool

Imagine having a box of building blocks. With these blocks, you can build a house, a car, or even a spaceship! Transcripts are like these blocks for content creators. Once you have a transcript of your video or podcast, you can build many different things with it.

And with the recent surge in AI tools, like ChatGPT, one piece of content can go much further without a lot more effort.

Turning One Transcript into Multiple Pieces of Content

Before November of 2022, transcripts were really helpful for picking out different pieces of content for social media. Maybe you had a podcast episode, and from that episode you could pull several quotes or interesting points made. However, creating an entirely new long-form piece of content from that transcript was significantly more time-consuming.

Now, AI has made the process so much easier – almost automatic!

  1. Blog Posts: Tools like ChatGPT can take your transcript and use the information to build out entire blog posts. Extremely effective for targeting that audience who prefers reading over listening or watching content.
  2. Social Media Posts: Just as easily as ChatGPT can generate full blog posts, you can build your own Custom GPTs to help build out an entire social media content strategy around a single transcript.
  3. Email Newsletters: Email isn’t dead (yet), but I personally know how big of a drag it can be keeping up with a newsletter. Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing in terms of ROI and AI can now turn each one of your podcast episodes, videos, or blog posts into a very enticing email for your raving fans.
  4. Other Educational Material: Don’t just stop there though. At NextGen Podcaster we’ve been finding all kinds of unique ways to use AI to help create workshop presentations, downloadable resources, scripting content…

And all of it comes from that one, single transcript.

Making More in Less Time

I’m not going to bore you with the whole “Content is King” shtick but as a content creator, your goal is to get more eyeballs on whatever you’re creating. Sometimes that means extending your content into other mediums, picking up new audiences that might not have found your content otherwise.

And your transcripts, along with the help of AI, are making that easier (and quicker) than ever.

Practical Applications and Tips

Let’s run through a few useful applications:

1. Get Your Transcript

There are an unlimited numbers of AI transcription tools, but if you want to go cheap (actually free) and high-quality, I’ve been using Riverside’s free transcription tool like crazy. You can download a standard .txt file or a timestamped .srt file, and you don’t even need a Riverside account to use it!

2. Turn Your Transcript into a Blog Post

Next, we’ll bring that transcript over to ChatGPT to create your high-quality blog post.

NextGen Blog Buddy Custom GPT created by NextGen Podcaster

ChatGPT has been really great at turning my video content into blog posts (with some minor editing of course), but the key is to take it one step at a time:

  • First tell ChatGPT to generate an outline based on the content in the transcript
  • Next, have ChatGPT build out each section of that outline ONE AT A TIME (very important!)
  • Finally, ChatGPT can generate any other key elements to your blog (SEO titles, meta descriptions, etc)

If you want a more detailed explanation (with prompts) of how I go about writing blog posts with ChatGPT, check out this post.

Please Note: We’ve found ChatGPT Plus ($20/month) to be the most effective for generating content, but you can also get away with using the free version of ChatGPT or ClaudeAI as well.

If you do choose to use the free version of ChatGPT, you may need to include this additional step in order to copy/paste an entire transcript into it.

3. Learn From Your Transcripts

As a creator, you always want to be creating the best content possible. Sometimes that means getting an extra set of eyes on your content to provide you with quality and actionable feedback.

With the same transcript from the previous step, you can get ChatGPT to analyze your content and give you a full breakdown of where you can improve the next time around. You can even get ChatGPT to compare your content to what other creators are doing in the same industry!

We actually created Podcast Episode Evaluator, a Custom GPT, to help with this very thing. After uploading your transcript, the GPT will scan through your entire episode, tell you what works well, and also provide you with areas to focus on for improvement.

Screenshot of the podcast episode evaluator custom GPT.

If you’d like to give the Podcast Episode Evaluator, or any of our other Custom GPTs a try, sign up for a free account now.

4. Find New Ideas and Opportunities for Other Content

There’s always more content to create. In many cases, there are already a lot of different content ideas living in the last piece of content you created.

One thing I really like to do is take the transcript and have ChatGPT pull out different ideas from content that I’ve already created. In fact, I actually have a spot in my Custom Instructions that says,

Screenshot from Nick's Custom Instructions inside ChatGPT.

“If we’re working on content together and I say “Finished” I want you to use the information you have about the content we created and suggest similar or related content ideas that would also be beneficial to my audience.”

Whenever I wrap up a new script for a video or get help writing my next blog post and say the magic word, Finished, ChatGPT immediately starts suggesting the next pieces of content that I can begin working on. Likewise, you can take a transcript from someone else’s content and have ChatGPT generate new ideas for you out of something someone else already created!

Barely Scratching the Surface

Transcripts used to be that thing I only used to make my content more accessible. Now, transcripts have become the gift that keeps on giving.

From coming up with new pieces of content to create to analyzing and providing actionable steps to improve your skills, your transcripts hold a lot more power now than they ever did.

If you’d like to learn more about using AI and tapping into your full potential with AI assistance, we’d love to have you be a part of the NextGen Podcaster Community. Whether your completely new to the AI scene, or you’ve been following it closely as it has developed, we know you stand to gain a lot as a member.

And you can join completely free for the first full month – You really have nothing to lose!



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