011 – Bard Updates & Powerful Extensions

This has been a big week for Google Bard (bet you didn’t think we’d be saying that!).

Google Bard has given us very little to be excited about, until now!

In this mastermind session, we discussed some of the powerful updates that hit Bard on 9/19/23, including connectivity into your Gmail, Docs, and Google Drive. – This is a really exciting update! We even wrote a blog post about the Google Bard updates if you want to get caught up on what’s happening.

We also shared a few Chrome Extensions to help improve your ChatGPT experience and help you perform high-quality research with the help of AI (you can find all the links to these tools at the bottom of the page).

Lastly, we briefly went over Opus Clip and Munch, two very powerful AI tools for repurposing your long-form content in short-form video clips. – A lot of exciting and new stuff this week!

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Resources & Links

  • Superpower ChatGPT – Chrome Extension
  • Perplexity – Chrome Extension
  • Opus Pro – Turn long videos into social media clips (affiliate link)
  • Munch – Turn long videos into social media clips (affiliate link)

We just launched 6 Custom GPTs to help you with podcasting and content creation!

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