017 – Transform Your Videos into Viral Clips with AI

We’re kicking off the new year in style! 😎

For our first session, we brought in special guest David Salib, co-founder of Minvo, to share an exciting new AI tool that chops up your long-form video content or podcast episodes into bite-sized clips for social media.

In this session, David walks us through the various ways to create and edit your short-form clips using Minvo.

One of the biggest takeaways from using Minvo is that you, the creator, have total control over the finished product. Many similar AI tools will create short clips for you, but that’s about where the buck stops – with no opportunity to really make it your own.

With Minvo you can:

  • Automatically generate clips with AI
  • Choose your own clips from the transcript
  • Edit & refine the clip with Minvo’s text-based editor (think Descript)
  • Add B-roll (use your own or let AI do it for you)
  • Add emojis to the captions
  • Completely design your own caption styles and animations that fit and match your brand

To this point, we haven’t found an AI tool like this that gives you THAT much control over the finished product, and we love it!

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