020 – FrameDrop, Claude 3, & Zapier Automations

With another action-packed NextGen Podcaster session, we covered a slew of new and exciting topics to dig into:

  1. Special guest Mário Tarouca joins us to talk about FrameDrop.ai, and insanely simple and intuitive tool for creating AI clips from your long-form content. – this is by far the easiest AI video creation tool we’ve ever seen!
  2. Anthropic recently announce the introduction of three new AI models inside the updated Claude 3.0. Does it beat GPT-4 as advertised? – we discuss our initial thoughts in the session below.
  3. Zapier automations – Zapier introduced a brand new tool and feature that left us all speechless! Imagine talking with a chatbot that will run custom automations on your behalfIt’s a real thing!

Catch up on the session below!

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