006 – Podcast Monetization

The first thought in podcast monetization is usually sponsorships.

In Session 6, we’re discussing a different form of podcast monetization that we don’t often hear enough about: Affiliate Marketing.

In this session, we discuss

  • Choosing the right affiliate product
  • Creating a lead magnet to promote your affiliate product/service
  • Using AI to write your high-converting email sales sequence
  • Using ConvertKit to automate the entire process from delivery of your lead magnet to the email sequence you create.
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Don’t forget to grab your guide!

We’ve included a resource guide below to help you write your high-converting emails based on the discussion in this session. In the resource you’ll find the email templates discussed, along with additional ChatGPT prompts to help you along.

Just click the download button below to get it, or visit the PDF Toolkit section of the Learning Center for all our downloadable resources.

We just launched 6 Custom GPTs to help you with podcasting and content creation!

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